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Signup Instructions for Swim Meets

How to sign up for a swim meet online: 

1. Go to the Swim Connection Online Meet Entries website:

2. On the 1st visit towards the bottom right click on the "Signup Now!" box (this is FREE) and follow the instructions. 

3. Do not forget the “My Swimmers” tab towards the top to add your swimmer(s). The Swimming Association is “Pacific Swimming” and the Team Code is “BSW”. Your swimmer's Registration Id, if you have not received their card yet, is a combination of their name and birthday (for example Bonnie S. Wilson born on 2/5/08 would be 020508BONSWILS). 

4. Now from the "Enter Meets" tab find the meet the team is going to under Upcoming Meets. If the meets Status is Open then click on that meet. 

5. Next click on the "online meet entry" box 

6. To the right of your swimmer's name click on the "Enter" box 

7. Either click on the "Get All Best Times" box or click on each individual "Best" box next to the events your swimmer would like to swim. (If this is your swimmer's 1st USA swim meet, if they have only swum short course and this is a long course meet or they are swimming an event for the 1st time ask their coach for help with entry times.) 

8. Click the "Save" box at the bottom left 

9. Click on the "Go to Payment Page" box above your swimmer's names and their events 

10. Follow the on screen instructions 

11. For additional assistance, see this link

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