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Guy Baker
Executive Director
3x Olympic Medalist
2x World Champion
7x NCAA/Collegiate Champion

FREE 2-week trial for new participants.
Three steps must be completed to participate in the free trial.
Please click here to review our Free Trial Information Page before registering.



PRINT - City of Brentwood Aquatic Waiver
The City of Brentwood requires a new form to be submitted every season.
Click here to print the waiver and bring to the first practice. It's required by the City of Brentwood to use its aquatic facilities.


JOIN - USA Water Polo (USAWP)
A membership with USA Water Polo is required to participate in our sport. If your child already has a current membership through December 31, 2020, proceed to Step 3. If your child's membership expires December 31, 2019, now is a good time to renew.

If you're registering your child for the 2-week free trial, he/she will need a 14-day trial membership (no cost) with USA Water Polo. 

New and trial athletes:  Join USA Water Polo.  The club affiliation to select is Lamorinda Water Polo (1309).  The start date of the trial is the first date your child will attend practice.  You'll need your child's Member ID# and Expiration Date to complete Step 3.

Membership Options:

  • Trial - No cost. Valid for 14 days only.  Required to participate in our free trial. Does not allow participation in tournaments.
  • Bronze* - $40: Allows participation in most local sanctioned tournaments.
  • Silver - $82: Allows participation all local sanctioned tournaments (excluding national events like Junior Olympics).
  • Gold - $120: Required for participation in Junior Olympics. 

*Recommended. Membership can be upgraded during the season if necessary for tournament participation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


REGISTER – From the list below select 2-WEEK TRIAL for the free trial, or your child's AGE GROUP to register for the full season.  You'll be directed to TeamSnap to complete the registration process. Payment is made by credit card through the TeamSnap system.  Checks are no longer accepted.

STOP AND REVIEW Are you registering for the FREE TRIAL?  If so, DO NOT select your child's age group below.  Select FREE TRIAL or you will be asked for payment.

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2-Week Free Trial - ALL AGES FREE
8U/10U Coed -  (Aug 2, 2009 – Aug 1, 2011) $285
12U Coed -       (Aug 2, 2007 - Aug 1, 2009) $435
14U Girls -        (Aug 2, 2005 - Aug 1, 2007) $435
14U Boys -       (Aug 2, 2005 - Aug 1, 2007) $435
16U Girls -       (Aug 2, 2003 - Aug 1, 2005) $435
16U Boys -       (Aug 2, 2003 - Aug 1, 2005)


18U Girls -       (Aug 2, 2001 - Aug 1, 2003)


18U Boys -      (Aug 2, 2001 - Aug 1, 2003)


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Fees: Registration fees are payable by credit card only.  Checks are no longer accepted.  Fees cover practice and local tournaments (typically two per team each season).  Travel tournaments (i.e. Kap7 in February) are not included and require a commitment fee and final fee to participate. The fee varies on the number of athletes participating in the tournament.

Multi-Player Discount: If you're enrolling two or more siblings in the same season, you'll receive a discount of $50 for each additional child.

Multi-Player Registration: If you're registering more than child, and one or more is doing the trial program, register the child doing the trial FIRST, then return to this page to register the additional child.

Continuing After the 2-Week Free Trial:  1) Upgrade your child's Trial Membership with USA Water Polo.   2) Select your child's age group from the table above. You'll be directed to TeamSnap to complete registration and pay the fee. 

Payment Plans: The registration fee may be split into two or three payments. The first payment is due at the time of registration. The final payment is due by February 1. You must email the Coordinator before registering to set up a payment plan.  Payment is accepted by credit card only.  Invoices will be emailed via TeamSnap five (5) days before the payment due date. A late fee of $5 will be assessed on payments not received within three (2) days of the due date.

Uniform Suits: A Lamorinda team suit OR a solid color suit with no other club or school names or logos is requested for all games and tournaments. Click here to purchase a team suit. Additional team apparel and accessories for athletes and fans is available here

Financial Assistance:  Please advise the Coordinator if you're applying for financial assistance to allow registration to be completed. The application has sections for both the parents and athlete to complete.  It must be mailed to the address indicated by December 7.  Click here to download and print the application.

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