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e USA Water Polo Junior Olympics ("JOs") is the largest club water polo tournament in the nation. Teams come to California from all over the country to compete over a 4-day period each July. The location alternates each year between the northern California Bay Area and southern California, Orange County area.

To compete in the Junior Olympics, teams must first earn a spot in the Qualifying Tournaments ("Quals") held in June. The dates are below.  Athletes must participate in the Quals to be eligible to participate in the JOs.

Participation in JOs is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.  It's the culmination of months of hard work by the athletes and coaches, and it's an amazing and exciting experience for the athletes (and their families!) to compete against teams from all over the country.

We work hard all year to get ready for the quals. NOW is the time for athletes and their families to make the commitment to shoot for the JOs! 


  • Qualifying Tournaments - Teams must place high enough in the Qualification Tournament to advance to JOs.  Each athlete must participate in the Quals to be eligible to play on a JO team.  Note the dates below.
  • Fees - there are two separate JO fees in addition to the summer season registration fee.
    1. Commitment Fee:  To ensure enough athletes are interested and available ("committed") to form and enter a team (minimum 10-11 players with at least one goalie), a Commitment Fee of $250 per player is due at the beginning of the summer season.  This fee covers the costs for participation in the Quals; entry fees (4-5 games), coach salaries and travel stipends.  
    If a player is not selected for the team, or if there aren't enough players interested/available to form a team, the Commitment Fee will be refunded.  Otherwise the fee is not refundable (i.e. if an athlete changes his/her mind, family travel plans interfere, etc).  

The Commitment Fee is not refunded if the team does not qualify to advance to JOs.  The funds collected have been used for entry fees, coach salaries and stipends.

2. Final Fee:  If the team earns a spot at the Quals and advances to JOs, a Final Fee is due. This fee covers entry fees, coach salaries, stipends and travel costs.  The fee varies and is based on the number of players on the team, the location of the tournament, etc.  The final fee ranges from approximately $350-700 per athlete. If there are funds remaining from the Commitment Fee, they will be applied to the Final Fee.

  • Gold Level Membership with USA Water Polo is required.  Upgrade your child's membership by logging into his/her account.  The upgrade must be completed prior to the Qualification Tournament. 
  • Birth Date Verification with USA Water Polo is required to confirm age eligibility. This is a once-in-a-lifetime process with a $5 fee and takes several business days to complete.  This should be done at the same time the Commitment Fee is paid. This must be done prior to the Qualification Tournament to ensure your child is eligible to be placed on a roster.
  • Transportation, accommodation, meals, and admission fees to the Quals and JOs are the responsibility of each family.  Lamorinda Water Polo will secure a block of rooms at a hotel in the area when held in Orange County.
  • Uniform Suit is required for Quals and JOs.  Click here to purchase suits.
  • Mandatory apparel:  ALL LAMO and Lamo-Brentwood wear designated t-shirts each day of Junior Olympics.  Athletes are required to purchase and wear these shirts.  The links to purchase will be available in the spring and summer.
  • Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!  DON'T MISS PRACTICE!
  • Lamorinda Roster Selection & Playing Time Policy


2024 Pacific Zone Qualification Tournaments

June 7-9:  10U Coed, 10U Girls, 12U Coed, 12U Girls, 12U Boys, 14U Girls, 14U Boys

June 14-16:  16U Girls, 16U Boys, 18U Girls, 18U Boys

Lamorinda-Brentwood JO Kick Off Event

2024 Junior Olympics - Bay Area, CA

July 20 - 23:  12U Boys, 14U Boys, 16U Boys, 18U Boys

July 25 - 28: 10U Coed, 12U Coed, 12U Girls, 14U Girls, 16U Girls, 18U Girls

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