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Practice Group Placement and Moving Up

The coaching staff determines the most appropriate training group for long-term development as a person and athlete. Many factors, including skills, maturity, work ethic, attendance, character and commitment are considered as part of the evaluation process. Changes to practice groups usually made in December, April and August. 

Practice Group Placement Criteria and Considerations for NEW Swimmers

  1. Level of commitment
  2. Training ability
  3. Stroke and skill development
  4. Level of maturity and personal responsibility
  5. Age and previous experience
  6. Meet performance and best times
  7. Space availability

Practice Group Advancement Consideration

  1. Consistently makes choices that demonstrate the willingness to make the commitment level expected of swimmers at the next level.
  2. Able to complete multiple test sets for the next practice level in a single practice.
  3. Meets attendance expectations for current group; demonstrates the ability to make attendance requirements for the next level.
  4. Consistently trains above the level of the current practice group and will fit comfortably into the middle of the next group.
  5. Demonstrates ability to train successfully on base intervals at the next practice level.
  6. Mastery of stroke and skill expectations of current practice group.

Process for Implementing Group Changes

  1. Coaching staff discusses proposed practice group movements
  2. Head Swim Coach provides final approval for group movements.
  3. Coach contacts swimmer’s parent or guardian to discuss practice group change and expectations at the next level.
  4. Head Coach sends an email to billing as to starting date of next group.
  5. The coach at the next practice group level will discuss with the swimmer the expectations for the new practice group.
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