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Water Polo Rules & Videos

Here are some informative links to help players and parents learn the game and rules of water polo.

These are all publicly available on YouTube.

The Rules of Water Polo Explained

Understanding the Game and Rules

Referees don't generally speak during a game.  They use hand signals and whistles to communicate with players and make calls during a game.

Referee Hand Signals

What's With all the Whistles?


Eggbeater is the very efficient, hands-free water polo method of treading water. It’s one of the first things new players learn. Water polo is played in deep water. Players never touch the bottom or sides of the pool. Therefore, if a player isn’t swimming, he/she is doing eggbeater.

Learning to eggbeater efficiently is critical for a water polo player to be successful with stability, balance, defense, offense, passing, shooting, and goal-tending. 

Below are two short videos which will provide a helpful visual in addition to the coach’s on-deck teaching. Things to keep in mind when doing/learning eggbeater:

-Be patient when learning eggbeater, it can take weeks to get it right and feel natural.

-Eggbeater with a straight back, flexed ankles, flat feet, wide legs and knees up. It will look and feel like sitting in a chair when done correctly. 

-A wide/triangle base is critical. The wider the legs, the more water the player can contact.

-Rotate the legs INWARD - “pull” water in and “push” it back out, alternating legs.

Water Polo: ODP Eggbeater

Vertical Position Rotation

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