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Team Code of Conduct

All participating team members and parents will abide by this code of conduct:


  1. The illegal possession or use of alcohol, tobacco products, other non-prescribed controlled substances or non-prescribed banned substances by any athlete is prohibited. Furthermore, any Brentwood SeaWolves team member being, or suspected of being, in the presence of others (regardless of team affiliation) partaking in any of the above activities is likewise prohibited.
  2. Team members, parents and staff will refrain from any illegal or inappropriate behavior that would detract from a positive image of the Brentwood SeaWolves, Pacific Swimming and/or USA Swimming or be detrimental to its performance objectives.
  3. Any damages, theft and/or vandalism to team property, the property of others or facilities (including other teams) are prohibited and will be the financial responsibility of the swimmer doing the damage.
  4. Team members and parents will display the utmost respect and sportsmanship toward coaches, officials, administrators, fellow competitors and the public.
  5. Team members will arrive for all practices, meets and team functions on time always.
  6. Team members are encouraged to participate in all team functions, fundraisers, etc., in order to support the club and promote team unity.


  1. Swimmers will wear an approved team swimsuit (or approved racing suit) and team cap at all USA Swimming competitions.
  2. Swimmers are encouraged to meet with their coach before and after each of their events.
  3. In prelim and finals meets, all swimmers who qualify to compete in the finals are expected to participate in the finals unless the coach agrees.They must scratch consistent with the appropriate meet or USA Swimming scratch procedure. All team members are encouraged to return to the finals sessions to support the team and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from watching the finals.
  4. Swimmers are encouraged to sit with the team and participate in all team meet activities and team meetings.
  5. Team members and parents are expected to display proper respect and sportsmanship toward coaches, officials, meet administrators, and fellow competitors.
  6. As a matter of team pride and courtesy to the meet host, team members are expected to leave the SeaWolves team area in a neat and clean condition at the conclusion of the meet.
  7. All questions that swimmers or parents may have concerning meet results, an officiating call, or the conduct of a meet, should be referred to the SeaWolves coaching staff only. Our coaches, in turn, will pursue the matter through appropriate channels.
  8. In general, it is preferred that team members check with the coaches prior to leaving a meet. Should it become necessary for a swimmer to leave a meet early, his/her coach must be notified.
  9. In accordance with USA Swimming rules, parents are expected to remain in the spectator area and off the immediate competitive deck unless they are working the meet in an official capacity.
  10. Parents are expected to participate in meets as required to fulfill team obligations.

Violation of the Code of Conduct Rules

  1. Swimmer may be scratched from a meet.
  2. Swimmer may be sent home immediately from practice or meet (at his/her own expense, should this apply).
  3. Any child acting in a disruptive manner or in a way dangerous to themselves or others at a practice, swim meets, or team activity will receive a warning and up to a three-day suspension from the team. A parent-coach conference will take place during any suspension prior to the swimmer returning to the team. A second offense will result in another parent-coach contact and one-week suspension. A third infraction results in expulsion from the team.
  4. Swimmer may be suspended from the team until the swimmer and parents have had a conference with the Head Coach and appropriate disciplinary actions have been implemented. This is automatic with violations of General rules 1, 2, 3 and (in certain cases) 4.
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